The Den: The Key to a Secure and Convenient Home with Scott Brockamp

Welcome to another episode of The Den, where we sit down with local business owners and community leaders to learn more about their work and their passion for the Knoxville area. Today, we're joined by Scott Brockamp, co-owner of HIS Security and Technology, a locally owned business that provides customized security systems and smart technology solutions for homes and businesses.

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How did HIS Security and Technology get started?

It's been a long journey for HIS Security and Technology. Over 14 years ago, Scott Brockamp and his business partner, Doug, decided to start their own business. This decision stemmed from a trip to Lexington, Kentucky, where they were tasked with cleaning up a mess created by the owner of the company they worked for. Feeling a calling to do the right thing, Scott expressed his intention to start his own business, initially not wanting to involve Doug. However, after some contemplation and prayer, Doug decided to join Scott, and together, they embarked on the journey of establishing HIS Security and Technology. The name "HIS" was derived from their belief that they needed to have faith and do the right thing, and it has been the foundation of their business ever since.

How long has HIS Security and Technology been in business?

HIS Security and Technology is currently in its 14th year of operation. The business has been a part of the Farragut area for nearly 10 years, strategically located on Kingston Pike. The growth and success of HIS Security and Technology have been intertwined with the revitalization of the Farragut area, positioning them in the heart of the town square and town center. Their ability to expand their footprint and maintain a strong relationship with their landlord has contributed to their continued growth and success in the community.

Where did the company's motto "In God we trust, all others we monitor" come from?

The motto "In God we trust, all others we monitor" was not created by Scott Brockamp or his business partner, Doug. It was actually suggested by their insurance agent when they were getting their first insurance policy. The insurance agent casually mentioned the motto, and upon receiving permission to use it, Scott and Doug adopted it as the foundation of their business. Despite the existence of a trademark on the motto, they sought and obtained permission to use it from the organization that holds the trademark. The motto reflects the core values of their business and serves as a guiding principle for their operations.

What services does HIS Security and Technology offer?

HIS Security and Technology offers a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients. The company not only provides traditional alarm systems but also specializes in smart technology solutions, including integrations with various smart devices. Their services encompass security, convenience, and automation, with a focus on enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of homes and businesses.

  • Security Systems: HIS Security and Technology offers advanced alarm systems that serve as the hub for convenience and automation, in addition to traditional security functions.
  • Camera Systems: The company provides a diverse range of camera options, catering to the varied needs and preferences of their clients.
  • Audio Systems: As a Sonos dealer, HIS Security and Technology can assist clients in setting up high-quality audio systems within their premises.
  • TV Mounting and Wiring: The company offers professional TV mounting services and efficient wiring solutions to meet clients' entertainment needs.
  • Networking Solutions: HIS Security and Technology addresses Wi-Fi issues by providing effective networking solutions to ensure optimal internet connectivity throughout the property.
  • Smart Home Features: Clients can benefit from features such as remote garage door control, door locking/unlocking, temperature adjustments, and smart lighting, enhancing convenience and security.

Furthermore, HIS Security and Technology prioritizes transparency and honesty, emphasizing the importance of understanding the true value of their services rather than relying on gimmicky marketing tactics. Their commitment to providing Security First solutions, backed by a data-focused approach, sets them apart in the industry, ensuring the protection and well-being of their clients and their properties.

How does HIS Security and Technology work with insurance companies?

HIS Security and Technology collaborates with insurance companies to ensure that their clients receive comprehensive security solutions that align with insurance requirements. By incorporating advanced security systems and smart technology solutions, HIS Security and Technology assists clients in mitigating risks and enhancing the overall safety and security of their properties. The company's partnership with insurance agents allows them to integrate insurance-approved monitoring and response mechanisms, providing clients with a seamless and effective security solution that meets insurance standards.

Emerging Trends and Challenges in the Security Industry

The security industry is witnessing a significant shift towards remote video monitoring, leveraging analytics from cameras to enable emergency response and real-time surveillance. This advancement enhances proactive security measures and reinforces the effectiveness of security systems in safeguarding properties. However, the proliferation of do-it-yourself (DIY) security installations poses a challenge, leading to a surge in false alarm rates and potential vulnerabilities due to inadequate installation and lack of industry knowledge. As technology continues to evolve, ensuring proper installation and adherence to industry best practices remains crucial in delivering reliable and effective security solutions.

How did Scott become the host of the "Around the House" radio show?

Scott Brockamp's journey as the host of the "Around the House" radio show on News Talk 98.7 traces back to his initial involvement as a last-minute fill-in for the show. The show, founded by Dave Faulk, had been on air for over 20 years, with Don Steyr as the previous host for nearly a decade. Scott's frequent fill-in appearances gradually transitioned into co-hosting and guest hosting, leading to a pivotal moment when Don approached him about taking over the show. Despite initial uncertainties due to his commitments as a dedicated father and coach, a compelling conversation with Jack Lee, the general manager at Cumulus, solidified Scott's decision to accept the role as the host, ensuring the continuity of the show's valuable service to the community.

Tell us about your involvement with the Lady Vols Booster Club.

Scott Brockamp's involvement with the Lady Vols Booster Club stems from his passion for sports and his commitment to advocating for equity in female collegiate athletics. Inspired by his daughters' enthusiasm for sports, Scott's engagement with the Lady Vols Booster Club was fueled by the desire to support and promote opportunities for female athletes. The club, founded by Terry Holder, serves as a vital advocate for female sports, addressing the disparities in athletic scholarships and resources for female collegiate athletes. By actively supporting and championing the club's mission, Scott endeavors to contribute to a more equitable and empowering environment for female athletes, ensuring they receive the recognition and support they deserve in their collegiate sports endeavors.

Discuss your past participation in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign

I was actively involved in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign for seven years, during which I dedicated my efforts to fundraising for the American Cancer Society. The campaign was designed to engage men in raising awareness and funds for breast cancer, with the ultimate goal of supporting research, cures, and patient support for all types of cancer. My commitment to this cause stemmed from the realization that cancer, in its various forms, has profoundly impacted the lives of countless individuals, including my own family.

  • The campaign, initiated by the American Cancer Society, aimed to address the significant increase in breast cancer cases in men while also highlighting the broader impact of cancer on individuals and families.
  • My involvement in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign allowed me to contribute to the overall fight against cancer, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in raising funds and awareness for cancer research and support.

What are some of your favorite things about living in East Tennessee?

Having grown up in Central Illinois and later residing in Florida and North Carolina, my decision to settle in East Tennessee was influenced by several factors that have significantly enriched my life and experiences. The unique attributes of East Tennessee, ranging from its climate to its vibrant community, have made it an exceptional place to call home.

  • The mild winters and diverse outdoor opportunities, including the presence of mountains and lakes, have contributed to the appealing lifestyle that East Tennessee offers.
  • The strong sense of community and the genuine warmth of the people in East Tennessee have made a lasting impression, aligning with the state's reputation as the "volunteer state."
  • Despite the challenges and divisions that may arise, the underlying spirit of unity and support within the community remains a defining aspect of East Tennessee living.

What are some upcoming events and happenings in the Farragut area?

There are several exciting events and activities on the horizon in the Farragut area, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

July 4th Parade

The highly anticipated July 4th parade in Farragut is a must-see event that promises fun for the whole family. The parade route starts at the high school and extends all the way to Engles, offering a vibrant display of community spirit and celebration.

Summer Sidewalk Sale

Shop Farragut is working with the town of Farragut to potentially organize a summer sidewalk sale during the tax-free weekend. This event, if approved, will offer an exciting opportunity for residents and visitors to explore unique shopping experiences while enjoying tax-free savings.

Dog Days and Dock Dogs Event

The upcoming Dog Daze event featuring dock dogs at the Village Green Shopping Center is a highlight for dog lovers and families. This event not only provides entertainment but also serves as a qualifier for the prestigious Westminster dog show, adding an extra layer of excitement for participants and spectators.

Summer Concert Series at Founders Park

Farragut's summer concert series at Founders Park is set to kick off with the Bluegrass Summer Solstice concert, followed by the Party in the Park and the Lawn Chair Concert. These events offer an opportunity to enjoy live music, delicious food from food trucks, and a vibrant community atmosphere.


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